Reedin Teamriders

Meet all of our kick-ass team riders!

Kevin Langeree

Co-founder of Reedin, 2x world champion, 3x winner King of the Air, and sharing his passion for kiteboarding all over the world through his KEVVLOG.

Marius Sanchez

Marius is a Big Air ripper from the south of France. He started kiting 5 years ago aged 14 and moved to the South of France with his family. Finding more than a passion: a way of life.

Parker Sage

Parker an amazingly multitalented grom from Hawaii who feels at home in any conditions and discipline. Whether on a wing, kite, foil, surf or twintip, Parker kills it!

Kaden Sponhauer

Hood River local who's pretty much inseparable from his NoBrainer. Part of the Sickos crew that travel the world in search of the perfect wind and waves all year round.

Nolan Snel

Nolan is a talented young grom who kicks ass winging at his home spot in Lelystad, The Netherlands.

Joana Kern

Joana got completely hooked on kitesurfing three years ago and is letting the wind determine where she's living. Whether it's a session shared with friends, or learning new tricks, Joana always leaves the water with a big smile!

Izzy Lira

Most comfortable on her 6m SuperModel and directional in pumping waves. Izzy loves meeting and interacting with new people through the sport, and loves how many places kiting has allowed her to visit

Mats Staben

Big Air Kiteboarding is Mats' go-to discipline. When the wind is blowing 35 knots and he can pump up his 8m Supermodel, there is only one option - go out and have a proper session with Mother Nature and good friends.


Throw together a bunch of talented and fearless youngsters from Hood River with a passion for watersports and traveling, and you get Sickos. Your weekly dose of YouTube madness with everything from kiting, surfing, and a dose of crazyness.

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