Drop everything to chase your dreams

Sickos are a bunch of long-time friends and adrenaline junkies that want to live life to the fullest with each other. They're from Hood River, Oregon - a diverse, action-sports playground that allows them to go out on the water and have as much fun as possible.

Watch their origin story:

Reedin X Sickos

If there's one thing we can appreciate, it's a group of authentic friends that enjoy being out on the water as much as we do, while creating cool content to share with the world. We're all about sharing that stoke and inspiring you to go out more, have more fun, or push yourself even further. If watching these guys have fun kiting or winging inspires you to go out as well, it's a mission succeeded. Sickos spread the passion for watersports to a broader audience, which is why it seemed only natural for us to support them in doing so, by providing the best kiting and winging gear possible.

So subscribe to their YouTube and Instagram channels and follow their journey along with us!

Who are the Sickos?

The weekly Sickos YouTube series takes you on an adventure, as much as on their personal journey. Some of them surf, some kite, and some are in for shenanigans. Let us introduce you to the kiting part of the crew!

Kaden Sponhauer

What I enjoy most about kiting is sharing the good times on the water with friends, and the amazing places kiteboarding takes me. My favorite spot in the world has to be Rufus, Oregon when it's blowing 30 knots. It has the best swell and sick kickers to learn new tricks.

Will Crumpacker

Although I enjoy strapless and foiling, big air is my passion. My favorite conditions are flat water and 30+ KTS, so the spots I enjoy the most are Lyle, Tarifa, and Maui Pro Pool. Still, there is nothing quite like a nuking session in downtown Hood River!

Jackson Lebsack

My favorite aspect of kiting is jumping… I love how you can basically be your own self-controlled parachute, go big, and land soft. I’ve been lucky enough to kite a lot of places on earth, but my favorite spot is still my home in Hood River as I love the high winds and big swell!

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